Janice Lyle

My name is Janice Lyle and I am retired from social services. I have enjoyed making things since I was a child. As a young wife and mother, sewing, refinishing, and refurbishing was a way to stretch the budget and also exercise some creativity. I discovered braiding about eight years ago, borrowed a library book, and have been experimenting with creating rugs, baskets, and table mats and runners. My preferred material is wool, both new and re-purposed from out-of-style skirts and slacks. Wool is durable, washable, and stain resistant, has a lovely feel and comes in beautiful colors! I recently attended a workshop of rug braiders in New England and was inspired with techniques and ideas from many talented women, who share my desire to keep this handicraft going. I also dabble in hooking with fabric strips, sewing and Paper-Mache, so you never know what might show up!


Janice Lyle, Fiber Artist